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SmartHome Bedding 2-Pack Hotel Collection Plush Pillow Review

Are you a back sleeper and now you’re hunting for the best pillow that will assure you a restful night? SmartHome Bedding is here to see you through. You don’t have to buy an expensive pillow when this affordable pillow is here with great features just like those expensive pillows. This pillow comes in two set which is ideal for you and your fiancé. It has a soft fiber filling which will give you amazing support throughout the night.

Even if you’re allergy suffer, this plush pillow will meet and exceed your sleeping requirement. You’ll get a luxurious and stylish comfort from this affordable pillow. You will even love the cover of your pillow since it has a soft feel that will soothe your skin as you sleep. The goodness is that this hotel pillow can resist shifting, as well as, compression over time. You’ll be very glad that your pillow is maintaining its shape season after season.


Hotel Collection Plush Pillow Reviews

Features of SmartHome Bedding Hotel Quality Plush Pillow

  • The pillows measures 26” by 20” making it an ideal pillow for back sleeping.
  • This hotel plush pillow is machine washable and users can sundry their pillow when need.
  • It has 100 percent hypoallergenic virgin polyester filling and the pillow comes with 4D microfiber.
  • 7 inch loft that allows great air circulation.
  • It is made from 50/50 polyester and cotton blend.
Hotel Collection Plush Gel Bed Pillow

SmartHome Bedding Hotel Collection Plush Pillow

Benefits of SmartHome Bedding 2-Pack Hotel Collection Plush Pillow

Perfect for allergic suffers  

The hypoallergenic feature of this SmartHome Bedding makes it to be among the best selling pillows. Who wants to wake up with a stuffy nose? This plush pillow is so great since it is resistant to dust-mite, mold, and bacteria. You will never suffer from any allergic reactions. Give this product a try and your nights will be a perfect one. The Smart Home pillow is the best pillow for back sleeping.

Easy to Maintain  

As we have said earlier, allergic suffers will love this product since it has hypoallergenic properties. One thing which everyone will love is about effortless care of this pillow. What you need is just toss your pillow into your washing machine and also dryer. You will do this with confidence since the content of the hotel pillow is kept intact. You will love a pillow that is machine washable and durable.

4D Poly Micro-Fiber Fill

Do you want a long-lasting pillow? Well, this smarhome bedding pillow is made of polyfill which is a natural hypoallergenic synthetic material. The fiberfill will make your pillow strong and durable and the good part is that your pillow will never break down over time. The polyfill is a micro-fiber that will finally make your pillow more pliable, shapeable, and finally foldable. Even when your pillow is under pressure, the fill will always distribute outwards and not precisely up around your face.

Amazing breathability

The perfect blend of 50/50 cotton poly cover makes this pillow more breathable than those ordinary pillows. When you combine this blend of cotton and polyester, your pillow will have great moisture-wicking properties. It will also make the surface more breathable keeping you cool as you enjoy your night’s sweet dreams.

Double-stitched edging 

Even if you put a lot of weight on your pillow, you’re very sure that the filling will never come out along the seam of your pillow. You will really love the seam of this product since it has double stitching and well finished. You will have a pillow that is strong and with a durable edge which will never stretch. It will be very cool to understand that this Smarthome Bedding is constructed to last longer.

Ultimate comfort

Do you want a soft pillow that will never go flat but offers maximum comfort? Well, this product is designed by the manufacturer to give sleepers the best comfort they need. You will be sleeping on a plush feel that will make your night more restful and peaceful than before. The product will give you firm support and the entire pillow enables an excellent soft distribution.

Comes in a perfect size 

The queen size of the pillow that is 20 by 26 is just enough for an average sleeper. The pillow has tons of material and plush comfort that can accommodate a wide range of body types. When you’re buying the pillow, you will never doubt anything because it was designed for you.

The drawback of SmartHome Bedding 2x-Pack Hotel Collection Plush Pillow  

This pillow is the best but it has a slightly high loft. The loft of this product is an average of seven inches. But it was designed to enable more air circulation. But when you sleep on the pillow, the loft height will reduce up to three inches but this will depend on your weight.

Consumer Comment on SmartHome Bedding 2-Pack Hotel Collection Plush Pillow  

There’s no one who can settle on something which is not good. This luxury hotel pillow has fetched tons of positive reviews. Here are examples of the comments;

“I was surprised to see this pillow, it is wonderfully made at a reasonable price. If you want to find out if it is true, get one and you’ll love it. I am very pleased with my purchase”

“The pillow comes with the right softness and not too firm. I have stenosis in my neck and so, I need a pillow that can support me perfectly. I am very happy that this pillow is great”

“The pillow fluffed up very easily and so much. It is very soft and great for side and back sleepers. This is good stuff and I highly recommend”


If you want a unique soft pillow that will let you sleep comfortably, then Smart Home, down alternative pillow will be your great choice. It comes with great quality and very comfortable to sleep on it since most consumers love it. It is a perfect choice for back and side sleeper combos. This product has a strong micro-fiber fill that will let you sleep nicely without flattening your pillow. It will be a wise choice if you give a try this pillow and experience endless benefits from it.

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